Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heart, Passion and Happiness

I'm on my way back to the airport from the 2010 Business Growth
Conference in Anaheim, CA, hosted by the Harvard and USC Marshall
School of Business Alumni Associations and can honestly say I'm blown
away! So many great people with brilliant minds, warm hearts and
passion for what they do.

In my recap, I'll start with the last, first. The last session of the
day was an impressive panel of successful entrepreneurs who talked
about lessons learned. It included Alex Cappello, a director on the
Cheesecake Factory board and CEO of Cappello Capital, Richard
Melcombe, a former TNT exec, Bob Barry,president of John Barry &
Associates and Rob Ukropina, founder of Overnite Express. All great
people! but there was something especially touching that Alex had us
do before we left. "Everyone pull out a dollar" he instructed the
audience of 150. "When you leave, I want you to leave this on your
chair as a tip for the people that clean this room," he explained.
"TRUST me, it will make a difference in these people's lives and it's
the last thing they'll expect from a room full of Harvard and USC
alumni." Consider the power of this one small gesture! I love it! I
can't wait to lead a ro again and copy it. I hope my readers will pass
it along as well.

Next mindblowing excerpt from the day was the keynote address by
CEO, Tony Hsieh (pronunced Shay). Tony built zappos to a billion +
company by focusing on....products? No. Price? No. Customer service?
Not really. His secret sauce? Unflinchingly committing to a company
culture of "delivering happiness." I can't wait to read his new book
by the same title. From other companies I've studied and been a part
of, I can tell you, this guy gets it! I feel very privlidged to have
heard him speak this morning.

Gotta run but more to come...

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